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About Us

Dedicated Hosting Solutions

Flexibility and knowledge

Many companies and individuals are making the switch to using dedicated or virtualized hosting services for their online presence for greater performance, control, and reliability. A dedicated server or VPS puts you at the wheel to manage all aspects of your hosting requirements tuned to your specifications.


Availability is critical for any application. We promise service availability of 99.9% or more. Anything less is unacceptable.


Low latency is a major concern. Chicago, Phoenix, and Tampa are diverse locations to efficiently serve the global marketplace.


Reputations are built on results, not promises. The technology we provide to our clients has proven itself time and time again.


Your internet growth shouldn't be slowed by your service provider. VaporNode provides all the technology to quickly scale.

Why VaporNode?

Unmatched professional service

Experience - VaporNode employees are on call at all times of the day to provide you with the knowledge and expertise to carry on your operations. Our technicians have proven themselves consistently with each support request.

Support - Not only are we fast and responsive, but we're friendly as well. If you're looking for a little personal connection between you and your hosting provider, look no further.

Network - VaporNode has multiple bandwidth carriers including Telia, Tinet, nLayer, Level(3), Cogent, HE, and hundreds of peers. With a total networking capacity of 800Gbps and presence in two of the world's largest carrier hotels, we are hard to beat.

Flexibility - Over the years, we have learned that people don't like being told they can't have something or their needs can't be met. At VaporNode, we have a different policy. We will do everything in our power to meet any and all specifications.

Passion - The last, but not least, ingredient to being a world class hosting provider is passion. We are a hands-on company. We don't just sit idly by and hope things don't catch on fire.

Our Datacenters

TPA1 is our primary operations datacenter. It has undergone two phases of expansion and has 100% power and network uptime since 2011. This datacenter has over 240Gbps of total network capacity with direct peering points in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Miami. The facility has over 300 tons of N+2 cooling and backup power provided by UPS systems and diesel generators. TPA1 has full coverage security cameras, locking cabinets, 24/7 staffing, and two-factor authentication to secure the premises.

Our CHI1 datacenter was completed in 2010 and is our high-density facility. It offers over 600Gbps of redundant network capacity to the largest carrier hotel in Chicago. Along with that comes the building's own network blend consisting of Telia, Cogent, NTT, HE, and Level(3). The power systems are equipped with N+1 redundancy for continuous operation. With A & B power feeds, diesel generators, and UPS batteries, this facility will not be found in the dark.

Our PHX1 datacenter is the primary network access point in the region. To cope with such a responsibility, the facility offers 2N power redundancy, tiered security zones, and diverse fiber paths. PHX1 offers a global BGP blended and load-balanced network with multiple providers including nLayer, Tinet, Telia, Cogent, and HE. The facility operates as an open and public peering point with direct relationships with local internet companies and other private network hubs.