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Managed Services

Let Us Manage Your IT

Our tech professionals will ensure your infrastructure is in good hands

VaporNode offers proactive management services for almost any service we offer. Whether you have a dedicated server, VPS, or public cloud service, we have a management plan for you. If a problem arises we know about it immediately and resolve it shortly thereafter.

Our managed customers receive the following:

  • Priority support
  • OS updates and patches
  • Critical alerts of system performance
  • Server hardening and security audits
  • Installation of supported software
  • Managed firewall
  • Free cPanel migration

Add managed services to your VaporNode server today! Contact Sales for pricing information.

VaporNode offers basic local DDoS protection on all dedicated servers and VPS services in Chicago, Phoenix, and Tampa. If our basic protection is not enough for you, we offer remote DDoS attack mitigation and filtering at our traffic scrubbing centers in New York, Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

Our remote DDoS protection covers the following:

  • Up to 20Gbps / 20M pps
  • Billing based on required clean bandwidth
  • Protection from TCP SYN floods, saturation floods, ICMP floods, HTTP floods, and other types of attacks
  • Enterprise filtering hardware - no pure software filters here!
  • Application proxies (web services, game servers, IRC, etc.)
  • Forward clean traffic using IP tunnels

Add DDoS protection to your VaporNode server today! Contact Sales for pricing information.

Do you have a high traffic website or application? VaporNode offers a managed load balancing solution to distribute your traffic evenly among any number of backend servers. Not only does this help keep your backend servers performing well, it will also detect servers that are offline and redirect your client elsewhere.

Our load balancing solution covers the following:

  • Any high traffic website or application
  • Let us manage the complex balancing configuration for you
  • Achieve high-availability standards with automatic failover support
  • Keep connections persistent based on client IP address
  • Forward traffic based on weight of backend servers

Add load balancing to your VaporNode server today! Contact Sales for pricing information.